Sonic Corridor Through Time

HUNGER AND AMBITION ARE GOOD THINGS, NOT MERELY BECAUSE THEY MOTIVATE ONE TO ACHIEVE, BUT BECAUSE THEY ARE SIGNS OF PUREST LIFE, WOULDNTCHASAY? I would love to be the Planet Earth’s first Global Rock Star. Of course, I would rely more heavily on synth than any of my limited predecessors, but that’s natural: when you have […]

Circle Of Ice

MAKING EGGS IN THE MORNING, CRACKING OMELETTES, THE SJW SEES A FACE IN THE MESS — AND IT IS HIS OWN. From a psychological standpoint, the Social Justice Warrior fears social hierarchies — or pyramids of power — because not in a million years do they cluster near the top. They’re the wheat threshers of […]

Unlucky Horseshoe

The rush of immigrants, which can be pictured as an airport terminal with 1000 planes circling and landing per hour, disgorging all manner of riff-raff, has never been so bad as it is today. The numbers are simply disastrous. They defy belief, and they are only getting worse. And they are all non-white. You might […]